Alexander Rehnborg, Head of SEO at GetResponse in Gdańsk, Poland.
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This is a capture of my presentation in Swedish to entrepreneurs during the 2016 Entrepreneurial Week at the Linnaeus University, presenting five search engine tips to help develop your small business. The video presentation currently ranks number one at YouTube for "sökmotoroptimering tips" (search engine optimization tips) in Sweden.


  • Content & Journalism

    ● Bachelor of Arts in science journalism from Umeå University. Taught me the attention to details, thinking critically, translating complex science to comprehensible stories, and verifying that all facts in a story are accurate.

    ● Bachelor of Arts in literary studies from Lund University. Schooled me how to use language rhetorically and how to read and write a great, compelling story.

    ● Bachelor of Arts in theoretical philosophy from Lund University. Gave me the tools and knowledge to find creative solutions to logical problems and achieving clarity of argumentation.

    ● Local news reporter at many of southern Sweden's biggest daily papers, where I learned to communicate with people from all walks of life, extracting relevant information from complex situations and transforming it into engaging stories under deadline.

  • Web Technology

    ● Certified basic knowledge of HTML and CSS.

    ● Experience from many CMSes, particularly Wordpress, Drupal and Episerver.

    ● Experienced in Google Analytics and an advanced user of Google Search Console and Google AdWords Keyword Planner. I've guest blogged at Google's official Analytics Blog on the topic of custom, automatic reports.

    ● Advanced user of industry leading SEO services and tools,, Advanced Web Ranking Cloud and Screaming Frog SEO Spider & Log File Analyser. I use Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel for larger data processing and filtering. I custom-build dashboards and KPI reports in Google Sheets.

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

    ● Educated and work trained by online marketing consultant company Curamando AB. Curamando works with internationally renowned companies, such as Spotify, Klarna and HBO Nordic.

    ● Off site SEO: Optimizing link profiles for certain topics or industries, risk analysis, affiliate marketing optimization and establishing strategic content marketing relationships. My focus is to attract relevant links as a natural part of PR, content marketing and other forms of outreach.

    ● On site SEO: Optimizing content for keyword targets, using keyword research to discover new content areas and gain customer insight, and finding the optimal ways of telling stories online that also will resonate with searchers' needs and demands online. I also perform a lot of technical SEO, everything from 301 re-directs at server level to URL's with hashtags and optimizing internal link structure, to moving entire e-commerce websites to new CMSes and discovering technical origins to duplicate content issues.

    ● Analyzing & synchronizing SEM (Search Engine Marketing) spending with SEO to maximize the potential in both channels. For instance, boosting paid non-branded keywords that convert but underperform organically, or funneling branded search traffic through the relevant channel depending on the searcher's place in the customer journey.

  • Presentation

    ● Holds speeches, conferences and workshops about online marketing and SEO for small and large audiences alike. Notable appearances include:

    ● Guest speaker at the London Affiliate Conference 2019, talking about common iGaming SEO mistakes at the mercy of Google's RankBrain.

    ● Guest speaker at internationally renowned Berghs' School of Communication during 2014 & 2015. Topic was the role of SEO within a larger marketing organization.

    ● Guest speaker at the Linnaeus University during the 2016 Entrepreneurial Week in Sweden, presenting five search engine tips to help develop your business.

    ● Guest speaker at Liber, one of Scandinavia's biggest publishing houses, about the basics of SEO and how search engines understand web content.



Head of SEO, GetResponse


Global SEO Lead, GetResponse


Head of Organic Performance, Better Collective


Organic Performance Team Lead, Better Collective


Senior Organic Performance Manager, Better Collective


SEO Specialist, Visma Spcs


Content Editor, Visma Spcs


Content Writer (freelance), Digital Dominance


Public Relation Officer (internship), Umeå University


Journalist (internship & temporary position), Skånska Dagbladet/Daily Paper


Alexander Rehnborg is a positive and hungry person who very quickly receives new knowledge with a passionate interest. It's refreshing to be able to work with people like Alexander—certainly not everyone takes on work tasks with the same positive and analytical approach like him. Alexander worked on the client end and reported indirectly to me for a project during a longer training process. He worked structurally and within a very short period of time he gained a good basic understanding of SEO. I would definitely recommend Alexander and sometime in the future I hope to have him directly in my team.

Stefan Tärnell, Founder of OOZ Marketing

Stefan Tärnell, Internet Entrepreneur / Online Marketing / Founder of OOZ Marketing - Shared from LinkedIn


Alexander Rehnborg, SEO Specialist